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News from Latvia!

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The archive 2010

18.12.2010 Dog Show in Ohio (US) - Leo Aureus Astrum Procyon "Addie" did well (3 ribbons)! She won first place in her class, won Winner and Best of Winners!!! Big congratulations Kat, all Family and Addie of course!

Scelta is C.I.B officially!!!

New photos: Album 2010.
Leo Aureus Astrum Capella.

National Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Maz. Scelta got V1 in champion class and CAC.
See photo. Judged Anna Kochan (Pl).
New photos:
Berljon Scelta per Leo Aureus
Leo Aureus Astrum Vega "Vega"
Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi"
Leo Aureus Astrum Capella "Maksi"

Astrum Litter is 1 year old! Happy Birthday!!!!!
New photos:
Leo Aureus Astrum Vega "Vega"
Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi"
Leo Aureus Astrum Arcturus "Saro"
Leo Aureus Astrum Procyon "Addie"
Leo Aureus Astrum Canopus "Meggi"
Leo Aureus Astrum Capella "Maksi"

New photos: Leo Aureus Astrum Vega "Vega" and Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi".

New show photos: Leo Aureus Astrum Capella "Maksi".
Thank you Liudmila!!!

30.10.2010 - Russian Leonberger Club Specialty Show in Moscow, first show and success Leo Aureus Astrum Capella "Maksi"! Maksi won Best Junior!!!
Judged Willi Gullix (Germany). Big congratulations Galina and Borys!

New photos: Szelta and Lena.
New photos: Leo Aureus Astrum Vega "Vega", Leo Aureus Astrum Capella "Maksi" and Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi" 10 month-old.

Today our Iron is 6 years! Happy Birthday!
New photos: Iron.

National Dog Show in Legionowo - Szelta won champion class, got CAC, and tittles BOS and BOB!!! Judged Dorota Pawlikowska-Rosół (Poland).

Finally Szelta won 3 Best of Group!!!
Judged Csaba Pettko from Hungary.

The same weekend in USA, Kat took Leo Aureus Astrum Procyon "Addie" to two shows. Addie was first in her class one day and second on another day. Well done Kat and Addie!!!
New Addie's photos.

Show news from Latvia.
11.09.2010 Leonberger Special Dog Show "Amber Leonberger Riga '10" in Latvia. Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi" got VG in youth class.
12.09.2010 Dog Show in Kaunas (Lithuania) - "Tobi" got V1 and a tittle Youth Winner and Best Junior!!! See photo. Big congratulations Maija!

11.09.2010 National Dog Show in Warsaw.
Berljon Scelta per Leo Aureus "Szelta" got V1 in champion class and CAC. See photos. Judged Eivor Hofmandselv from Norway.
12.09.2010 Molossoid Breeds Club Show in Warsaw.
Berljon Scelta per Leo Aureus "Szelta" got V3 in champion class. See photo. Judged Per Kr Anderson from Norway.

New photos: Leo Aureus Astrum Arcturus "Sarastro".
New photo: Leo Aureus Astrum Capella "Maksi".

National Dog Show in Włocławek. Leo Aureus Astrum Vega "Vega" got very good 2 in youth class. Congratulations!
New photos: Album 2010.
New photos: Leo Aureus Astrum Betelgeuse "Gusia".

International Dog Show in Białystok and family success!
Scelta got CAC, BOS, CACIB, and won BOB!!! See photos.
Scelta's son Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi" got a title Best Puppy!!!. See photo. Judged Marek Maciej Bork-Grabowski (PL).

21.08.2010 International Dog Show in Tallin (Estonia) - Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi" VP1 and a title Best Puppy!!!. Congratulations Maija!!!

21.08.2010 International Dog Show "Great Novgorod -2010" (Russia) - Leo Aureus Astrum Canopus "Meggi" first show, VP1 and a title Best Puppy!!!. Congratulations Ludmila!!!

New photos: Leo Aureus Astrum Procyon "Addie".

New photos: Scelta, Gusia, Vega, Tobi.

New photos: Album 2010.

News from USA - first actual AKC Dog Show for Leo Aureus Astrum Procyon. Addie took first in her class as well as Best of Opposite!!! Big congratulations Kat!!!

News from Latvia, also great - Club Show "Amber Summer 2010", Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi" got VP1 in puppy class. Judged Jean Lawless from Ireland. Congratulations Maija!!!

New photos: Scelta, Gusia, Vega, Meggi, Addie, Tobi, Sarastro.

Scelta's great success!!!
International Dog Show in Warsaw - Szelta won champion class, got CAC, won BOS and got CACIB, next she won BOB!!!
So, she is now (not officially) INTERCHAMPION!!!
Judged Małgorzata Hałas (PL). See photos.

Dog Show in Olsztyn - Leo Aureus Astrum Vega "Vega" - VP1 and a title Best Puppy!!!.
A critique: "Likeable puppy, lovely head, excellent size, proportional, strong back limbs, straight back, free movement, very pretty in statics."
Judged Viva Maria Soleckyj-Szpunar (PL). Congratulations Ania and Piotr!!!

World Dog Show Demnark 2010 - Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi" was VP2 in puppy class. See photo. Judged Hans Lehtinen (Finland). Congratulations Maija!!!

New photos - Gusia and Tobi.
New photos - Album 2010.

National Dog Show in Lublin. Leo Aureus Astrum Betelgeuse "Gusia" got 1 very promising and a tittle Best Puppy!!! Judged Aleksandra Świsulska (PL). See photos.

June walks of sisters.
New photos from Russia - Meggi and new photos from Ohio - Addie 6 months old.

Show news.
05-06.06.2010 - 2 x CACIB in Minsk "Summer of Belorussia".
Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi" got very promising both days and won Best Puppy!!! both days. See photo.
Great congratulations Maija!!!

Our Astrum puppies are 6 months old today!!!
Lovely greetings for the all bears and their families.
Scelta's new photos.
New photos: Gusia, Maksi, Meggi, Tobi and Sarastro.

Scelta's husband and Gusia's dad Knockando's Lord Nelson is 4 years old today!!!
We wish you Happy Birthday!!!

Our lovely Iryd is 7 years old!!! Happy Birthday!!!
New photos of Iryd.

New photos - Gusia, Vega, Addie, Sarastro.

International Dog Show in Łódź.
Leo Aureus Astrum Betelgeuse "Gusia's" second show and the title Best Baby again!
Judged Krystyna Opara (Poland). See photos.

Astrum litter is 5 months old, hugs for all starlets!

Leonberger Speciality Show "Golden Leonberger Riga'10".
Leo Aureus Astrum Sirius "Tobi" won and got the title BOB Baby!!!
Judged Peter K. Cejnek (Austria). Thank you and big congratulations Maija!!!

New photos:
Album 2010.
Walk - April.
Lena, Iron, Gusia.
Meggi, Vega, Maksi, Tobi, Sarastro.

National Dog Show Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki.
Both sisters, Gusia and Vega, got very promising and the great descriptions!
Leo Aureus Astrum Betelgeuse "Gusia" won I place and the title Best Baby, Leo Aureus Astrum Vega "Vega" II place. Judged Zygmunt Jakubowski (PL).
Congratulations! See photos.
Moreover in finals Gusia got the title 3 BIS Baby!!! Judged Jadwiga Niciewicz (PL).
Thank you Ania and Piotr for your wonderful support!

Our lovely Scelta is 3 years old!!!

Astrum litter is 4 months old today.
New photos: Addie, Gusia, Meggi, Tobi, Vega.

International Dog Show Katowice (PL). The first show of "our baby".

Vega got very promising and a tittle Best Baby!!! Judged Andrew Beare (Ireland).
Many thanks to Vega's owners - Ania and Piotr!

Spring walks.
Maksi, Tobi, Vega, Addie, Meggi, Gusia - new photos.

Iron's, Addie's, Gusia's new photos.

Gusia, Vega, Scelta, Iron, Cyrus' meeting.
Tobi's (Sirius) new photos.

Astrum litter is 3 months old today! Thank you everyone for the photos of our lovely puppies and e-mails!
Meggi (Astrum Canopus) - 20,64 kg, Vega (Astrum Vega) - 17,8 kg, Tobi (Astrum Sirius) - 22 kg, Gusia (Astrum Betelgeuse) - 18,3 kg, Addie (Astrum Procyon) - 19 kg.

Meggi's, Vega's , Maksi's , Tobi's , Addie's new photos.

New photos: Album 2010.
Gusia and Vega's meeting.

Gusia's, Vega's , Maksi's , Tobi's new photos.

Gusia's, Addie's, Meggi's new photos.

Arcturus's new photos.
Tobi's (Sirius) new photos.

Vega's new photos.
Procyon's new photos.


We would like thank all new families for taking care of them, loving and spoiling our puppies!
Good luck!
Ada, Karin, Bjorn, Michael.
Lots of photos - general gallery and individual galleries.

Our Lena is 8 years old today!
We wish you good health!

Our little bears are 8 weeks old today - new photos.

Our puppies are 7 weeks old - lots of photos - general gallery, individual galleries, weight.

Our puppies are 6 weeks old - new individual photos and weight.

Puppies' new photos in the general gallery, in the individual galleries too.

Our puppies are 5 weeks old - new photos and weight.

Happy New Year!
Puppies' individual galleries.

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